Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tulip Festival

We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival yesterday with my mom and had a great time. Here she is posing for a picture. I'm not quite sure what she is pointing at....maybe that is where I get it?

Here are the boys in the wooden shoes!

These were about the only tulups blooming at the 40 acre farm. We were about a week too early to see all the tulip fields in bloom. I would love to go back and see them all in bloom, but I dont know if Lance and the boys would enjoy that much!

There was a cute playhouse with tables and cooking things inside for the kids to play on.

Lance has his foot in front of mine to hide that I had on two different shoes. I had on one rain boot and one slip on tennis shoe (The only thing that will fit over my ancle brace, and I had my crutches hidden behind my back)

This is the "Cow Train" that takes kids around the tulip field. Mom and I rode along to keep the kids in line, but we quickly realized that it was a huge mistake! This was the most painful bumpiest ride I have ever been on! The kid driving the train was going way too fast and there was no suspension on these barrel cows. The little girl behind mom was screeming her head off the whole time and the boys were hanging on for dear life. After we got off, Boaz said "I'm going to name my cow bumpy"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chef Boaz

Yesterday was Boaz's Birthday and he got a Paula Dean Kids Cookbook and his own apron, measuring cups, spoons and bowl. He is a big fan of Paula Dean so he was very excited.

He tried his hand at making breakfast for us today using his cookbook. It turned out very delicious. He thought that he was on his own cooking show and wanted me to video tape him while he was narrating his cooking.

"Bulls Eye" breakfast! Looks good huh!

Here is another video of him working on breakfast. (Just ignore the lady in her bath robe with messed up hair! We don't know who she is!)

The finished product!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Perfecting the Pop Bottle Rocket!

Now "we" (meaning the boys) have moved on to trying to attach a parachute and an egg to the Pop Bottle Rocket and have the egg safely land without breaking. Needless to say, I may have to stock up on more eggs!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We were able to go to OMSI for a special Home School Science lab. It was about Salmon and Pond Scum! Right up the boy's alley!

Here they got to work on a river for salmon, they were able to put logs and rocks and move the sand than things as the water ran through.

They enjoyed constructing a river. Boaz put sea lions up on top of the rocks and then he placed his fox, dear and bear in the river, under the water to swim! The teacher laughed pretty hard at that, but his reasoning is so that they could catch the salmon to eat them!

Here is the pond scum. They were able to catch little critters out of this water and put them in a dish to look at under microscopes. Jacoby caught 2 tiny shrimp and a live snail.

Lance even had to get in on the action of looking at critters under the microscope.

Here Boaz is looking at the snail that he caught.

They also got to feed these live salmon.

After we finished the lab we got to go through the whole museum. This was Boaz and Jacoby's favorite part. This static ball would make these metal pie tins fly out of your hands as it was generating the static electricity. I could feel my hair being pulled up off my head and toward the ball every time someone cranked the wheel!

The boys enjoyed this part of it also! All three of them.

Trip to the Beach

We spent three days last week in Newport for a Pastor's and Preacher's Conference. While we were there, we were able to go to the beach and it was actually nice and sunny (Only the first day)! Jacoby and Boaz were happy because they got to see Elizabeth and Abigail Barker again! It always brightens their day when they get to see their girlfriends.

I am amazed at how tall they have gotten since we say them last!
This is Andrew, Elizabeth and Abigail's baby brother. He is already 7 months old, I got to hold him and hog him for three whole days! He is such a sweet baby, and is starting to crawl already.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Mighty Hunter!

Here is a video of Jacoby shooting his BB gun. Every chance he gets he wants to go shoot it. The second shot in the video, he gets one of the targets, you can hear the ding sound when it hits.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Lance's Cousin Travis and his wife, Debi, came over for a visit on Saturday. They have two daughters that are about the same age as Jacoby and Boaz. They had a lot of fun playing together. Here is a video of Travis playing the guitar for them while the kids dance and sing with him. It was too fun!

Here is Jacoby, Laura, Brook and Boaz making a train around the living room.

Brook is 5 years old and she is so smart, she can name all the planets, even in order!

Laura is the little one, she is 4 years old and is always smiling, she is way too cute! Her sister was trying to get her to name the planets also, but she was laughing and smiling too much to say them for us.

After Travis and his family left the boys went up stairs to get their pajamas on. This is how they looked when they came down:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Swingin!

I think that I may need to teach the boys how to use a swing set!

They seem to have perfected the art of hanging upside down and falling off! They also have learned very well how to spin themselves dizzy!

Indoor this such a good idea?

I think that the boys are getting a little too old for indoor baseball! As you can see in the video Jacoby can really hit the ball hard! Luckily he didnt break and of the pictures on the walls!

Boaz can hit is pretty hard too, but he mostly likes to be silly as you can see:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ice Skating

We took the boys ice skating for the fist time and they had a great time. They both at first were super shakey and a little scared. If you notice in this first video, Nick Prouty is just as shaky on the ice as the boys were. I caught him just about falling in this video! This was his first time ever skating also

After about an hour Jacoby got the hang of balancing himself by sticking out his bottom and using his hands like a train. He started going faster until he was mostly at a run the whole time until he hit the wall or fell. He probably fell close to a hundred times. But he loved every minute of it.

Boaz really never did get too comfortable with having "Knives" on his feet. He really thought it was strange, and he kept a death grip on me.